it-consulting linux programming


Computers - whereever you go, whereever you look!

But not everyone wants to learn how to program the computer they work with. Most people simply want the "darn" thing to work - to work they want it to!

Maybe we can help you with your work!

You need software that suits your needs and not that of "some" others. Your network topology is different than that of other companies. Maybe you've heard of Linux and want to know whether it could help you and your company...

This is where we come in: Let us help you set up your network according to your needs. Let us show you what the Linux-hype is all about and how it may save you money or simply do things better. Talk to us about the software you need but can't buy anywhere!

This is what we want to do for you - Let's get into business!

Contact information:

Olivier Petschulat
Surenfeldstr. 14
44879 Bochum
fon: +49 234 412345
fax: +49 234 412335

Last modified: Sun Jul 02 2000